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We have new puppies - classic tricolour boys and girls

We breed our beautiful champion girls  Ch My Twinkle Star and Ch Good As Gold (Lilastar's older sister), to very special stud dogs. Expected to have some very quality puppies with excellent movement, beautiful heads and great anatomy,  for shows and breeding.  More information, pictures, pedigree - klick here

Litter "M" (middle July)


BEST PUPPY in SHOW  - at All breed Show in Szczytno

Next fantastic win for our LILASTAR

LILASTAR Królewska Zgraja - on her second national All breed show in Poland, won her second BEST Puppy IN SHOW among huge group of lovely puppies! I'm just over the moon!!!  I would like to thank our honorable judge: Maria Burska  for her choice

add: 03.07.2016




Mio Amore - is now a new POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!
After winning
BEST in SHOW Junior from group 6 and BOB Junior - at National All Breed Show in Szczytno


On her third show in Junior Class, at her age only 9 months and 3 weeks - my beautiful Italian princess finished her Junior Polish Champion Title in a big style, by winning BOB Junior and BIS Junior of gr.VI She was shown only 3 times in junior clsss and the results are: 3x BOB Junior, 2x BIS Junior of gr.6, BOB, BOG II

I can't be more happy and proud!!! 

I would like to thank our honorable judges Maria Burska (BOB) and Krystyna Opara (BIS Junior) for their choice. And big big thanks to Mia's breeder Gabriele Vadi  Fonteposca Beagle.




Childhood with our beagles


Happy face of my daughter ♥ ♥ ♥





                                 Fonteposca's Mio Amore




World Dog Show 2016 in Moscov

With my beloved girls - BISS Fonteposca's MIO Amore and BIS LILASTAR Królewska Zgraja - at World Dog Show in Moscov 2016







Mio Amore - 1-st place, Junior Winner i BOB Junior


She did it again! MIO AMORE  (Fonteposca's Mio AMORE) next show in Junior class (IDS Kraköw): Junior Winner and BOB Junior! I'm proud of my italian princess so much! LOVE HER


Judge: Attila Czegledi (Węgry)

 add: 19.06.2016



Lilastar Królewska Zgraja - in a camera of Mr A.Baciński


I'm very thankful for this beautiful pictures, made by Mr A.Baciński ( Catulus)

 LILASTAR is a daughter of Our Barbie and GANDALF (Szephegyi-Szimat Gandalf), son of famous Int.Ch Daragoj Frank Zappa!


 add: 17.06.2016



CH PL Good As Gold Królewska Zgraja - in a camera of Mr A.Baciński


Our beautiful champion: GUSIA in a camera of Mr A.Baciński (beagle Catulus)


add: 17.06.2016




BEST PUPPY in SHOW  - National All breed Show in Kalisz

What a fantastic and very succesful day for our puppy LILASTAR - LILASTAR Królewska Zgraja - who won BEST Puppy IN SHOW at All breed show in Kalisz, in big group of younger puppies from all breeds. I'm just over the moon!!! VERY HAPPY about this girl!

I would like to thank our honorable judges: Jadwiga Niciewicz (BOB) and Ryszard Wacławik (BIS) for a great critique and their choice

 add: 12.06.2016



BEST in SHOW Junior from group 6, BOB, BOB Junior and BOG II  - great debut in Junior Class for our Mio Amore  

First time in Junior class, at only 9 monthd old - My beautiful Italian Princess: Fonteposca's MIO AMORE - won Junior Winner, BOB Junior and finally BOB!!! Then in BIS final competitions she won BIG II and BIS Junior of group VI


I would like to thank our honorable judge Jadwiga Niciewicz and big big thanks to Mia's breeder Gabriele Vadi   Fonteposca Beagle. I can't be more happy!!! 



BOB, BOB Junior, BIS Junior from gr.VI, BOG II





BEST IN SHOW Puppy - Club Dog Show in (PL) Opole

 Fonteposca's MIO AMORE, my lovely Italian princess, today at Club Hound Dog Show in Poland (Opole) - have fantastic performance! She won BOB puppy under australian judge Tim Thomas and on the finals -  won Best Puppy in Show under judge Vitaliy Beleskyy (UA). I'm thankful to our judges! Congratulations to All winners!

MIO AMORE is now BISS Puppy Winner and Best Puppy of Club 2016! I'm so happy and proud of My little girl! 

 /add: 05.06.2016




♥ FontePosca's MIO AMORE ♥

My big love from Itally - nearly 9 months old, 34cm high


Handling: Katerina Mumzhinskaya                                 /add: 25.05.2016




International Dog Show in Rzeszów - BIS II

 CH PL, Jr Ch PL GAME OVER Królewska Zgraja - won ex1, cac, CACIB, Best Female Best Workin Dog in Show II

So proud of our girl GAMA - Ch Game Over Królewska Zgraja Big congrats to the owners!

 Gama is a daughter of ERICK & BARBIE and litter sister of Gusia - Ch Good As Gold Królewska Zgraja 

International Dog Show (CACIB) Rzeszów - 22.05.2016



  My princess
PL Ch Good As Gold Królewska Zgraja

Selesta's Photography




My Lovely Star Królewska Zgraja -  BOB & BOG-IV

Solo - PL CH, Jr PL Ch My Lovely Star Królewska Zgraja ("Litter Star". Brother of our Ch My Twinkle Star ) at his last Show - won Best Male and BOB! On the finals he got also BOG IV. So proud of our boy, big congrats to the owners 


 Antoninek  - 21.05.2016



International Dog Show /Wrocław/ -  BIS-III

At the International Dog Show in Wrocław Barbie showed great :) She won BOB Puppy (Judge was Stephen Weeler - Sweden)and then went for the BIS finals - there she won a place on the podium among the three Best in Show Puppies - BIS-Puppy III! :)


 BARBIE - Best in Show Puppy III




BARBIE GIRL -Best Puppy Club Winner, Best in Show Puppy!

 Barbie showed up beautifully at Club Dog Show (Lodz 2010), won the 1-st place, 'BOB Puppy'

 and 'Best in Show Puppy' Got also Best Puppy Club Winner 2010 title!




Best Junior, BOB Junior / Radom Dog Show 2010

Eric showed up beautifully in the ring once again, winning the 1-st place,

and titles 'Best Junior' and 'Best of Breed Junior'


                                                                 MORE PICTURES...   added:23.08.2010




Our beautiful beagle boy from U.S. - had a successful show in Sopot.

At Beagle Specialty Dog Show got 1-st place, Best Junior and BOB Junior!

He was shown in Junior Class and won among 24-th juniors /9 dogs i 15 bitches/

Thank you: Sue Bownds, for your choice and critique.  PICTURES HERE...



          Starbuck Torbay Easy Street - 1-st place, Best Junior, BOB Junior




BARBIE GIRL - 2 x BOB Puppy, 2x Best in Show Puppy!

 BARBIE GIRL Królewska Zgraja showed up beautifully in Sopot. It was her first

shows in puppy class and very successful each day /saturday and sunday/


 Saturday - Beagle Specialty Dog Show: Sue Bownds /Australia/

1-st place, BOB Puppy, Best in Show Puppy  


Sunday: International Dog Show: Kari Jarvinen (Finland)

1-st place, BOB Puppy, Best in Show Puppy /all Breeds/ IV

 Thank you: Sue Bownds i Kari Jarvinen, for your choice and critique.





BARBIE GIRL - Best on Breed Baby

Our little girl, won again, got 1-st place and Best on Breed Baby tittle


                                                                         added :15.06.2010
     Barbie Girl Królewska Zgraja - Best Baby, BOB Baby
                 National Dog Show in Lublin




 BARBIE GIRL Królewska Zgraja on her first Dog Show /baby class/ won Best in Show BABY /III/

We're so happy about her first winning

Barbie Girl in the final three - Best Babies of Show



National Dog Show - Radom - 2 x CAC

HOT SNOOPY DOG - won again, got 1-st place and CAC

                                             Snoopy is a STUD DOG read more..


 He's sister - HOT MILKY WAY Królewska Zgraja - was shown first time

in her adult class, got 1-st place and CAC

                                                                         National Dog Show - Radom 23.05.2010



Starbuck Torbay EASY STREET is here!

Our wonderful boy arrived to Poland from distant America! Juuupi!

Thank you - Lesley and David - for letting him to me :) He's a treasure, you know that!

Thank you for a very nice time together - your visit was a pleasure :)
More about Eric  Pictures from Poland





At International Dog Show in Kielce - Wena won, got  CAC and res.CACIB - and finished

her polish championship [ CH.PL ] in a beautiful style!

                                                                                                    International Dog Show (CACIB) - 15.11.09   






13.09.2009 - National Dog Show - Warsaw (CWC/CAC)

HOT SNOOPY DOG - excellent, second place  :)

HOT MILKY WAY - excellent, third place :)

                                                                                                         added/ 15.09.2009

                    Birthday beagle party Photo - relation

                             Snoopy and Wena celebrated theirs birthday-  we wish you all the best!!

                             Thanks our guests for coming and see you at the next beagle-meeting :)


                                                                                                 / added 07.09.2009



Radom (CWC/CAC) - Snoopy: BOB Junior

Snoopy won once again and received the Best Junior in Breed title.

In the picture - BOB-Junior: Snoopy,  BOB: Coco and judge Grzegorz Weron, to whom we're very grateful.


klick here for photo-relation: photos



In the summer ... beagle playing on the beach

Hava a look at beautiful photos of our dogs having fun at the beach

                                                                                                                / added 11.08.2000




Legnica (CWC/CAC) - Snoopy - Junior Winner

National Dog Show (CAC) - 02.08.09

                                                                                                       added/ 3.08.2009


Olsztyn (CWC/CAC) - more show success

National Dog Show (CAC) in Olsztyn- 05.07.09

klick here for photo-relation: photos


WENA - excellent, 1 place, CAC, BOS [her next CAC to championship]


SNOOPY - excellent, 2 place [the youngest dog in youth class]


 added/ 6.07.2009


27-28.06.2009 - Dog Shows in Krakow

Club Dog Show - Krakow  - 27.06.2009

International Dog Show (CACIB) - 27-28.06.2009




HOT SNOOPY DOG dog was judged  

 by two eminent judges  

- Elly Vervoort i Roberto Vélez-Pico  


                                          Judge: Elly Vervoort: excellent, 2/5

                                  Judge: R.Vélez-Pico (PRI): excellent, 4/8


added/ 1.07.2009


Snoopy -  Junior Winner

SNOOPY shown for the first time in jouth class [at only 9 months and 7 days] won and got the JCAC title,  beginning the Polish Junior Championship Congratulations!