Passion, love, fascination with nature, beauty and intelligence of beagle dogs – in this few words I can describe how I began my adventure with the beagles and the wonderful dogs that changed my life. There were always animals in my life, I took my first steps with them, they grew up with me and teach me how to build relationships between man and animals. In 2004 the first beagle dog came to my house - a wonderful girl, who showed me the incredible character of this breed.

About us

Królewska Zgraja is a small home beagle kennel – It’s an expression of great love for dogs and beagles. Our dogs are our friends and live with us at home. In our breeding program you will find beautiful beagle dogs with wonderful character and temperament, coming from champion bloodlines, so you can expect very good quality puppies.



















Our puppies are raised in home, in a loving atmosphere, surrounded by the best care. As an animal psychologist I make effort to ensure the proper development of our puppies. Please read how we raise our puppies here. In Królewska Zgraja Kennel you can find puppies occasionally. We don’t plan to breed dogs on a large scale. More about our lifestyle in our  gallery.

I wish everyone to experience so many happy moments, joy and rich experience with wonderful beagle friends.

Katarzyna Sapierzyńska - breeder